Nurturing Nanoscientists

Amethyst Klein, Science, University Park Creative Arts

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


Children come into science class expecting potions and magic, unfortunately, they never get the massive explosions, mad scientists and doves appearing out of nowhere.  Luckily, we have the opportunity to show them the “magic” that explains our everyday world.  Recently though my ideas for exploring matter have come up dry and mundane.  Until I learned about nanoscience and realized that elementary aged science, concepts lay the critical foundation for explaining the unseen.  This unit contains activities to be used as demonstrations, with small groups, cooperative groups or pairs depending on the age level.  Each activity is directly linked to the essential standards for science in kindergarten through fifth grade.  While the activities are the same I have given the direct correlation to each grade level that the nanoscience activity demonstrates.  Remember to always assess the specific objective but encourage the critical thinking, guide them with questions to ask more questions and speculate answers.  Encourage the out of the box thinking and thirst for more information.  As their science teacher, it is ok not to know all the answers to their wonderings that is the nature of science.