Are Math and Literacy in Proportional Relationship?

Rima Solh, Math, Southwest Middle School

Final Unit(pdf)   Implementing Teaching Standards(pdf)


This unit can be taught to any middle grade math students with convenient adjustments according to the standards being taught. Numeracy skills should be communicated in every math lesson because it is the only way to promote conceptual understanding of the content. Specifically, in this unit I will be illustrating numeracy and literacy skills while teaching the proportional relationship for my 8th grade classes. In Grade 6, students develop an understanding of relationships and Cartesian planes. In Grade 7, students should be able to transition to analyzing linear graphs and solve basic linear equations. Grade 8 students should be able to build on their prior knowledge to investigate the deeper concept behind proportional relationships, building on their understanding of ratios, proportions, and unit rate from 7th grade to apply it to functions and linear relationships. This unit incorporates teaching Numeracy skills and literacy for best practices. Teaching numeracy is not only teaching arithmetic skills; it also develops proficiency with numbers; it promotes the ability to analyze data; it develops critical thinking in solving problems; and it empowers students to apply mathematical concepts in any settings. In other words, “numeracy is about making sense of numbers and understanding the effect numbers have in the world around us.”