Weather Moves, So Should Children

Amethyst Klein, Science, Winterfield Elementary

Final Unit(pdf)   Implementing Teaching Standards(pdf)


This unit will be taught after facilitating lessons on changing matter, specifically conduction, convection, or radiation, and as a lead into global weather patterns.  The key points to be focused on are the cause and effect relationships in weather, air temperature, and movement as well as water temperature and movement.  Each lesson will be focused around the students moving and “becoming” the types of matter as it relates to weather.  Research shows that ten minute breaks with physical activity helped students to focus and retain information immediately following their break.  Each class focuses on connecting content to movement, which elevates their heart rate and provides more blood circulation to the brain.  This movement will support neurogenesis, memory and attention. I developed this unit to evoke change in the way we are teaching our students challenging topics.  My students have struggled with global weather patterns and understanding their brain development can only facilitate the learning process.