Making Connections: Group Dynamics, Literature, and Poetry

Tamara Wood, Language Arts, Albemarle Road Middle School

Final Unit (PDF)     Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)

200 Word Synopsis

This unit will allow students to understand and synthesize multiple perspectives to develop a definition of poetry, relate poetry to other text (novel), and use critical thinking skills to relate information to personal choices. Students will practice reading, writing, and research within the unit. They will build a strong vocabulary as it relates to poetry. The first few days of this 15 day unit will be building a bond between the students. This is done to determine rules, expectations, and whole group awareness so that the class runs smoothly. The novel is added to give students a reference point to the poetry they write, the bond they make within the class, and to build reading and vocabulary skills. This unit also incorporates college and career objectives which requires students to closely read and determine what the text says. Students will have to make to make logical inferences from the text and cite textual evidence when writing and speaking. Within the writing and speaking students will be able to support their own conclusion with the text.