Groups Within the Elementary Classroom: Social Skills and Real World Collaboration In the Community

Katelyn Quinn, Second Grade, Irwin Academic Center

Final Unit (PDF)     Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)

200 Word Synopis

Gaining a deep understanding of what makes a community and the various essential components that make a community successful is influenced by students’ abilities to apply their content knowledge to the real world. This unit explores the essential standards for 2nd grade social studies in conjunction with collaborative cooperative learning and social groups. Students engage in group games and activities to extend beyond their comfort zone and explore different group roles within the classroom. The unit includes a group project in which each student researches and embodies a community leader, while identifying the significance of working together in a successful community. Coinciding with their research on leadership and collaboration, the students will demonstrate knowledge of core objectives such as transportation, communication, community buildings, and community workers through the creation of their community. Also included is a socratic seminar guide, a project rubric, and social skills activities. This unit is a great opportunity to connect the Social Studies content from the classroom to the real world and provide students with practice using social skills and working collaboratively with their peers!