The Endo-Confusion about Our Skeletal and Muscular Systems

Christopher Shaffer, Elementary teacher, University Meadows Elementary School




This unit, The Endo-Confusion about Out Skeletal and Muscular System, is broken down into six sections. You should anticipate spending two to three days on each part of the unit. In these six sections, students will learn core basic vocabulary regarding their skeletal and muscular systems, identification of large and small bones and muscles, their functions within our bodies, as well as the communication that occurs between the brain and muscles. They will construct all of this knowledge through many activities that will capture and motivate learners of all kinds.

Through years of experience, I have learned that children struggle with concepts that are happening internally. When children cannot see what is going on, it is hard for them to understand, draw conclusions, and build a concrete base of knowledge. That is why I have made this curriculum unit interactive, versatile, and engaging. It motivates the logical, linguistic, spatial, kinesthetic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal intelligences. Throughout the unit, the children will be drawing, writing, and putting on skits … and that is only the beginning. There is also room and flexibility within the unit to make it fit your class and its needs. So have fun and bring the arts and science together!