Modernism: A Global Approach

Holly Johnson, Art, Northwest School of the Arts

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When I began this seminar I had what I felt was limited and dated knowledge of Modern Art. As I looked into the information and related it back to what I had taught my AP Art History students the past two years I decided that I wanted to further explore the subject as an opportunity to include more time spent on areas of the world which did not follow Western traditions and research how these countries and continents influenced the art which was produced in areas such as Europe and then America starting in the late nineteenth century.

What was The Avant-Garde movement and how did so many artists who produced work later come to be influenced by these men and women? Why were they so accepting of ideas which had not been tried before? And finally, which other areas of the world influenced what was done?

The lessons planned are to be used to guide the students in answering the questions above. Because the class is an art history class, researching the art of the countries, creating a power point presentation and writing a paper will be apropos to the type of activities expected in the class.