Food and Food Systems- Is there enough room at the table for everyone?


There is a lot of discussion today about the buzzword “sustainability.” What is sustainability? Can we achieve and maintain sustainability? The purpose of this curriculum unit is to bring awareness on this subject to my students, the next generation of inhabitants on this planet. I hope to accomplish this by encouraging them to participate in classroom discussions and debates which will hopefully generate ideas for solutions and improvements in our current food systems, which could lead to food sustainability locally and globally.

Conchita L. Austin, Science, East Mecklenburg High School

The title of this unit asks- Is there enough room at the table? This unit will also address the need for awareness of the inequity of food distribution locally and globally. Food is much more than fuel for our mortal bodies. Food affects our lives socially and culturally. Food sustainability is crucial for all of us as citizens on this planet as well as our obligation of being stewards of our environment. It is my desire to share this message with my students as my part of becoming part of the solution and encourage them to do the same as well.