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2020 Curriculum Units Vol 7: Mindfulness & Education: Transforming Learning Through Awareness

Mindfulness Through Creation: Age of Exploration

Timothy Wells, Social Studies, Mallard Creek High

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


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2019 Curriculum Units Vol 6: Africa: Beneath the Headlines

Africa in the Media: Past, Present, and Future

Veronica Hall, History, Cochrane Collegiate Academy

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


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2016 Curriculum Units Vol 3: The Many Faces of Capitalism around the Globe - Past and Present

A Fragmented Identity: The influence of imperialism on Nigerian literature

Stephanie Misko Hynes, English, William Amos Hough High School

Curriculum Unit (pdf)

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2015 Vol 5: Peace Education: Psychological Factors that Endorse War

Perception vs. Reality: Dispelling the Belief of President Theodore Roosevelt as a War Hawk

Roshan R. Varghese, History, Butler High School

Final Unit(pdf)   Implementing Teaching Standards(pdf)

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2014 Curriculum Units Vol 2: The Global Energy Challenge

The Quest for an Everlasting Fountain of Energy: An Analysis from the Conception of the Industrial Revolution To Sustaining the Future World

Rachel Varghese, World History, David W. Butler High School

Final Unit (PDF)  Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)

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2012 Curriculum Units Vol 2: Reading African American Lives

The Documents of World War: Examining World War I and World War II through Primary and Secondary Sources

Sarah Hund, Social Studies, US History, Randolph IB Middle School

Final Unit (PDF)

Implementing Common Core Standards

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