Running For Our Lives: The Stories Of Children Who Escaped War And Conflict

Audrey Dorante, History, East Mecklenburg High

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


Throughout my teaching experience, I have met so many extraordinary students who moved to Charlotte due to some horrific circumstances in their native country. I have many students who have escaped war, gang violence, famine and other situations children should never have to face. Over the last few years, there has been a significant influx of students from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Venezuela. All of the students from the countries listed have unique experiences that should be shared with their peers. I think all students will have a better understanding of the effects on war and conflict if they hear it from others their own age. For this unit, I want to give my students a voice to express the obstacles they have had to overcome so other students as well as some faculty have a better understanding of why immigrants want to settle in the United States.  In this unit, we will look at the history of immigration to the United States.  In my general education classes, my students will discuss where their ancestors were from and try to determine why the latter also came to the United States.