Our School’s Backyard as a Lab for Studying Climate Change

Keira Freeman, Science, Carmel Middle

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


My students are all members of our Charlotte community and live on our changing Earth. They are impacted every day by weather and climate in many ways. Students will learn about the climate of different places on Earth and think of ways they can mitigate climate change in their homes and communities. The goal of this unit is to address the importance of stewardship for the earth. Students will listen to different speakers, some not so different from themselves, about the impacts of climate change and the importance of protecting our earth. Students will use scientific modeling to organize ideas, analyze data, and make predictions throughout this unit. Students will gain a larger insight into the constructive and destructive forces on Earth that result in climate changing and affect humans all over the world. Students will be able to collect information, create their own opinions, and share with their classmates and the school how they can be catalysts for change.