Tipping the Scale in our Favor: The Exploration of Social Injustice through the Lens of Fictional Characters

By Sanassa Burnett, Language Arts, Albemarle Road Middle School

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


 This curriculum unit introduces the concept of social injustice and activism to students through the lens of fictional characters who have been subjected to social adversity. Before students delve into the fictional component of the units, students will develop their understanding of social justice and subsequently injustice through the use of non-fiction text, documentary clips, speeches- in both written and oral form. After expanding their foundational awareness of key concepts, students will then investigate the extent to which the rights of fictional characters in the novel The Skin I’m In by Sharon Draper have been compromised. Ultimately, students can expect to obtain a deeper understanding of the multifaceted nature of social injustice and the role they may take to combat it. With their culminating project being their creation of a work of art that reflects their own multifaceted nature as it relates to a character within the novel, students can expect to think critically about their understanding of their humanity and how it may relate to their places within society. Using novel studies to advance student awareness of social politics allows for cross-curricular connections to be made.