“Celebrating Latino Culture as We Embrace Our Own” Using Latino Literature to Learn MORE about the Culture

Merrie Smith, K-6, Winterfield Elementary

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This unit will help students become more familiar with their own culture as they learn various Latino cultures through literature. They will be able to accomplish this task as they listen to Latino literature read aloud to them, discussions that are shared where connections can be made, writing and drawing activities that will allow students to dig deeper into who they really are and teach others about them as well. The teachers will be able to accomplish this by asking and answering those who, what, when, where, why, and how questions that readers ask and answers using text details.  Students will also determine lessons, and central messages that Latino characters face in the text and be able to connect using their own experiences. This unit and related literature will allow students to describe how characters feel when facing major events and challenges and how they would attempt to solve these challenges in their culture.

As students listen to and read Latino literature for the final activity they will be able to share “who they are” through their own book about themselves as they share their culture and we celebrate all the different cultures in our classroom.