Holidays, Memorials, and Me

Rhonda Doe, Kindergarten, Barringer Academic Center

Curriculum Units (pdf)


This curriculum unit will allow students the ability to understand change over time and how history tells a story about that change. The students will observe and develop ideas that explain how individuals are similar and different. Students will utilize basic drawing and dictating skills to create opinion preferences in writing. The students will also use drawing and writing skills to create explanatory texts. They will draw and write about a selected monument that we have covered in class while giving their opinion about the monument.

The students will participate in collaborative discussions and conversations about monuments during circle time. Specifically, this unit’s focus is how memorials hold memory over time. This unit will take place throughout the school year and students will gain an understanding of why holidays are celebrated and how memorials help retain the memory of certain holidays and monuments.

I will take into account a few background questions such as: why are some memorials and holidays valued more than others? Who determines these values? I will also address the types of memorials students are familiar with versus those that are unfamiliar to them. We will discuss how these memorials are relevant to the students as they begin to develop their opinion about the presented memorial or holiday.