Weather Data: A 5th Grade Unit Study of Using Data to Predict Weather Events

Chrystal Cavanagh, Science, Morehead STEM Academy

Final Unit(pdf)   Implementing Teaching Standards(pdf)


During this unit, students will collect, record, graph and analyze weather data. Students will be able to identify weather phenomena on a weather map and make predictions about how that weather will affect people throughout the United States. They will be able to use collected data to make connections between different weather phenomena, such as air pressure & wind or air pressure & precipitation. Students will graph their own data and analyze it while looking for correlations among atmospheric conditions and identifying patterns between days, weeks and seasons. They will participate in a number of activities that encourage them to use weather data to make predictions about weather events. The unit will culminate with an authentic assessment piece called “Meteorologist for a Day” where students will be given a set of weather data and they will create the weather forecast for those given atmospheric conditions.