Visual Persuasion and the Use of Propaganda

Deborah Watson, Visual Art, Hopewell High School

Final Unit(pdf)   Implementing Teaching Standards(pdf)


This curriculum unit will make connections between art and history. The focus will be on how propaganda has influenced our perceptions in relation to its use in history especially during wartime. Students will explore how in both the past and present, propaganda has influenced our perception of war and has been used to sway public opinion in support of national causes and ideology. By studying the numerous propaganda posters created during war time, students will discover the relationship between the media arts and persuasion. In today’s society, however, recognizing propaganda is becoming more and more difficult as people become more technology dependent. Propaganda is pervasive on television, the internet, social media, cell phones, games, radio, and more. Our students need to become discerning citizens when it comes to the massive amounts of media they encounter.