“My Story” Using Students’ Stories and Experiences to Model and Develop Key Literacy Skills

Ebone Lockett, English, West Mecklenburg High School

Final Unit (PDF)  Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)


Students’ lives and students’ experiences inspire optimal student learning and
student buy-in. They also serve to provide students with a voice and in my 14 years of
teaching I have found that even the quietest voice wants to be heard. The “My Story”
unit is a great way to involve students in the art and exploration that is found in the many
great stories of literature, music, dance, and other visual arts. It is also essential that we
model and build 21st century skills such as effective oral and written communication,
collaboration, organization and innovation. In this manner, we are truly preparing 21st
century learners. Texts of many different genres and texts that tell a variety of stories,
offer multiple perspectives on issues. These diverse learning experiences help our
diverse group of learners thrive in the English Language Arts classroom, in classrooms of
other disciplines, in the arena of higher education and in the workplace.