The Art of Digital Storytelling

Delee Marciano, Language Arts, Randolph Middle School

Final Unit (PDF)  Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)


This unit addresses ways to incorporate reading, writing, storytelling, art and
technology into the middle school classroom. Students will be asked to explore the
commonalities that they find in stories from across the world and then insert those
commonalities into their own stories. In addition, students will use digitals means to
explore the use of pictures paying close attention to the use of color to make their stories
come alive. Students will be asked to use technology to create the stories and then they
will use storytelling techniques to engage the audience in front of them. They will be
challenged to formulate a story, write, craft visuals, and recite the story to create an
experience. They will do all of this by intensely studying folklore from different cultures
and people groups.