Using Biographies to Understand Choices

Cassandra Black, First Grade, Ashley Park Pre K-8 School

Final Unit (PDF)  Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)


I hope to incorporate my study of working with students of poverty to assist
me with developing this curriculum unit. I work at a Title 1 school and Project L.I.F.T
school. The students at my school tend to react quickly when making decisions. I hope to
design lessons that develop character and teach students how to be respectful, honest,
responsible and caring through the use of biographies. I want students to examine “Why
they are reacting a certain way?” I want to know what motivates their choices. I want to
explore their social habits. In my literacy or social studies lessons, I love to read to
students, biographies of people who have been faced with diversity and have made wise
choices (Helen Keller, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jr.) that exhibit respect, honesty,
responsibility and caring.