The Five Senses: How We Use Them to Help Us React to Situations

Connie Danna, Pre-K, Lebanon Road Elementary

Final Unit (PDF)  Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)


In this unit, The Five Senses: How We Use Them to Help Us React to
Situations is designed to teach children about the five senses and how a person uses the
five senses to determine reactions to everyday situations. Children can be taught to use
their senses in order to develop and enhance their innate moral abilities. Although how
we react to situations is based on a lot more than the senses, young children need a
concrete theme in order to begin to think about abstract ideas. Young children can
understand what their eyes do and in turn, what their eyes see. With that concept in mind
young children can be asked what they saw and how they would handle that situation.
This unit will teach the children to identify the five senses and what each sense does.
Although all five senses will be taught, hearing, seeing and touching will be expanded
and used in helping the children understand how their reactions to different situations.
Activities will be used in centers, and books will be read that give children situations they
will be questioned about. Children will work in large groups answering questions. They
will also work in small groups in centers to practice the lessons taught in whole group.