The Impact of Philosophical Issues on Voting

Sean Baker, History, William A. Hough High School

Final Unit (PDF)  Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)


The purpose of this unit is to get young adults interested in seeing the social
and political behavior of Americans during a time of crisis. Students will see how
philosophical issues influence voting patterns, positively or negatively, during a major
war, social crisis, or economic downfall. Students will analyze the Civil War, World War
II and the Great Depression. Students will understand the social and political effects of
these events and how they had an impact on the psyche and behavior of voters in
America. Students will understand propaganda, voting techniques, persuasion, and
politics of these eras. Students will be engaged in the history and how events influenced
the development of politics in the United States during these times. Many of my students
are ages 15-17. The purpose is to get them involved in the political process and get them
ready to vote when they turn 18. This is an engaging unit that allows students to be
involved in the political process of the United States. It allows students to open their
mind to the world of politics and voting. It allows students to engage in the voting
process, debates, propaganda, voting, public speaking, and writing. It will allow students
to put their own beliefs and attitudes into a situation as if they were living during these
times of crisis and turmoil. Students will engage in a collaborative learning group with
the goal of creating an idea of whether or not social and political behavior can be