Le Monde de Tintin

Mawuena Dabla-Egu, French, Harding University High School

Final Unit (PDF)  Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)


“Le Monde De Tintin” is a five day curriculum unit that I am planning to teach to My French Level 1 class. The reason why I have decided to write this unit, is because I noticed that a lot of students have a lot of trouble reading or are not interested in reading any type of books in high school. Some of my students usually complain that I am trying to make them read in French when they can’t even read in English. I want to make them compare and contrast reading in France and in the United States, and show them how important and fun reading is for young people of their age in France; how reading can affect the individual in a positive way. And to finish, I am expecting that I will change my students’ opinion about reading by showing them reading can be fun and thus improve their interest in reading. In order to reach my objective, I will focus on a particular comic book: Tintin. After the study of Tintin, students will learn to create their own comic book using descriptive adjectives; ER verbs( verbs which end with ER) reflexive verbs, daily routines verbs, school and home related vocabulary etc., and other verbs’ conjugation. This unit will be taught to my level 1 French students after the End of Unit 3 of our level 1 Curriculum.