The Impression of Impressionism

Mary Tew, Art, Davidson Elementary School

Final Unit (PDF)  Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)


While studying Impressionist painters from Monet to Pissarro students will
learn that all art is created with context (4.CX.1.4 Explain how place and time influence
ideas, issues, and themes found in art). By dissecting one time period and one art
movement, students will start to understand that the events of the time influence the artist
and the masterpieces that they create. The setting, the time period, the politics, and the
past all come together to create one reality that inspires artistic response to these specific
parameters. This is even happening today within our lives. All the factors around us that
help us to be who we are also help to form the art that we make as artists. Students will
be asked to face this reality within their studies, by making their art relevant to their own
personal history. Students will use the Impressionists as a jumping off point to help them
examine their world in new ways and capture its essence.