Growing Seeds of American Dreams: Art and literature as an expression of identity for Latino-American youth

Ambrosia Wilson, Spanish, Marie G. Davis Academy

Final Unit (PDF)      Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)

200 Word Synopsis

This unit is written for students who can speak and write at a novice-immediate level of Spanish or above. Students will explore what their personal family’s path of migration has been, whether international or intranational and the unique elements of how this story began with a seed of a dream, progressed and sprouted, and firmly established roots. Students will analyze visual art and interpret Spanish language literature dealing with issues of race, gender, socioeconomic status, and education and how these notions impact our goals for the future. Students will present a digital story as a final project by creating a visual art piece representative of the style of the artists studied as well as a voice-over in Spanish narrating using available technology of various free Ipad apps. Students will determine how their family’s dream will continue as the next generation to flower and grow.