Untaught Major Turning Points in Southern African American History

Angela Gile, Social Studies, Bailey Middle School

Final Unit (PDF)     Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)

200 Word Synopsis

This Curriculum Unit explores carefully-selected and fascinating turning points in African American history in the South that are often left out of general Social Studies curricula and textbooks. It briefly explores the rise of the Populist and Fusion party, and deeply covers the Wilmington Race Riot, The Birth of a Nation, D.A. Tompkins and cotton mills, and city planning in Charlotte. The Essential Question is: Which traditionally untaught event(s) in Southern history have most impacted African Americans’ ability to attain equal rights and opportunities? Themes of equality, opportunity and racism are addressed to guide student discussion. At the end of this unit, students argue their answer to the Essential Question through a Common Core aligned essay task. Most lessons contain connections to current events and local events. This unit was created with low-income and minority students in mind, however can be adapted for any Middle or High School Social Studies class.