The Rise of Charlotte: Coronation of the Queen City

Jennifer Dalesandro, Third Grade, Bain Elementary School

Final Unit (PDF)     Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)

200 Word Synopsis

This curriculum unit focuses on the transformation Charlotte experienced within the century following 1870 mapping its evolution from a focal point for the cotton industry to the southern hub of finance and banking. During the “New South” decades, Charlotte’s population continued to grow at a rapid pace. Many Charlotte residents found themselves working in the occupations of sharecroppers or mill workers with cotton serving as the common thread between the two laborious occupations. In the years immediately following the Civil War and the freedom guaranteed to them by the 13th Amendment, many black residents continued to feel enslaved as sharecroppers of cotton, corn, or tobacco. The activities within this unit will engage students in a virtual time machine by developing a better understanding of how Charlotte has changed over the last century and the impact segregation played on the rich history of the “Queen City.” The activities will encourage integration of the material and inspire learning by incorporating historical photographs, web technology, and the imagination to place students in the role of someone living within the “New South” during the time period of 1850-1900. Each activity uses a combination of observational assessments, research, and writing methods to appeal to all learning styles while efficiently assimilating the national common core state standards.