Writing in Complete Sentences

Jennifer Buskey, Kindergarten, Albemarle Road Elementary School

Final Unit (PDF)     Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)

200 Word Synopsis

Writing is a way for students to express their thoughts and feelings they have about a particular subject. Students’ imagination comes alive through their writing! I believe writing is a wonderful way for our shy and timid students to express themselves. This curriculum unit enhances students’ writing and teaches them to write in complete thoughts. Students will be learning how to write through many hands-on activities, whole group introductory activities, small group activities and one-on-one conferences during writing workshop. Students will be introduced to what a complete sentence is through exploration of read alouds and predictable big books. Students will determine whether a given phrase is a sentence or not. Students then will begin writing their own sentence that includes a who (subject), what (predicate) and describing words (adjectives and/or adverbs). Students will also be introduced to a tree diagram, a graphic organizer, which assists them in creating ideas for their stories. The culminating activity has students writing a 2-3 sentence story. If you are looking for interactive writing lessons that inspire students to write stories, then this is the curriculum unit for you!