Political Propaganda in the Media and Animal Farm

Kathryn Carr Vey, Literature/Language Arts, Francis Bradley Middle School

Final Unit (PDF)

Implementing Common Core Standards

200 Word Synopsis

This unit examines propaganda and persuasion by identifying types of persuasive techniques, analyzing how effective are they in the media, and whether politicians manipulate media sources to support their own cause or propaganda.  There is recommended reading to help as  background sources for the media’s influence in politics.  Students will analyze both print and electronic media. The students will also read George Orwell’s Animal Farm and a reading packet of activities is part of the unit. While written over sixty years ago, this novel remains an excellent example of a satiric fable about the Russian Revolution, but also a cautionary tale for any society who allows the government to control the media.  Prior to reading the novel, centers help students to establish background knowledge about the Russian Revolution, the author, fables and how a politician uses propaganda in speeches to persuade the public.  The final activity has students creating a multimedia and print political presentation in an effort to persuade a panel that their group should lead the mythical country and receive the “A” grade.