Patterns, Patterns Everywhere

Courtney Myers Pender, Math, Science, Social Studies, Literacy, Elizabeth Traditional Middle School

Final Unit (PDF)

Implementing Common Core Standards (PDF)

200 Word Synopsis

Patterns are everywhere! In my unit, I show teachers how to encourage discovery of patterns across the curriculum. I show how teachers can engage students in patterns in literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, and even the arts. The unit engages, excites, and entertains the students. The unit not only reaches across the curriculum but it reaches to students of various learning styles. Throughout the unit, I explain how you can challenge students but also modify lessons to help those, who might struggle with patterns. I also show how to assess the students to make sure they are getting a firm grasp on what a pattern is and how to create a pattern.  Patterns are essential in Kindergarten for so many other concepts. The unit shows how to start off teaching patterns, how to integrate patterning, and how to allow exploration with patterning. My unit will take the year to teach and it shows how to implement patterns at different parts of the year. It takes the teacher step by step on how to show what a pattern is, how to create a pattern, and how to find patterns in everything we do. Every lesson gives the teacher an understanding if their students know patterns and know how to create patterns throughout the curriculum.  Throughout the year, teachers will hear their students say, “I see a pattern!!” Students will be able to find patterns everywhere thus creating a greater understanding of patterns and how to find them in real life situations.