What Does it Mean to be Green?

Deborah Yu-Yuk Jung, Media, Irwin Avenue Elementary School




What does it mean to be green? is a curriculum unit developed to teach Information Skills using topics of Sustainability while supporting the Science, Social Studies and Health curriculum being taught in homeroom and special area classrooms. Specifically, topics include: Hunger, No-Till agriculture, Food groups and Nutrition, Plant structure, growth and reproduction, Bees and other pollinator, the Westward Expansion and the artists and writers who challenged Americans to protect the wilderness. Whenever possible, a global ecological perspective is used. The lessons depend in part on the creation and maintenance of a school garden. The research method employed by this district is Big6. Interactive electronic lessons and videos are provided by Discovery Education. Sustainability is a thread that connects lessons from the beginning of the year to the end. The topics listed above are just a few of the many topics that can be used to promote ecological ethics. While these are collaborative Media/Information skills lessons, they can be easily expanded to stand alone lessons by a Teacher or a Media Specialist.