“Going Green, Blue, and Plaid for Fashion!” Sustainable Trends Occuring in the Fashion Industry

Ellen L. Machado, Career Technical Education, Mallard Creek High School




Do you ever wonder where the clothes on your body and the shoes on your feet really come from? Most consumers simply purchase and wear what they aesthetically like; the average person is not concerned with knowing where that garment or pair of high tech sneakers originated. However, everywhere today we hear more and more about how the effects of what we eat, how we live, and what appliances we use in our homes are doing to our environment. Our schools and cities are making serious attempts to recycle and many citizens practice the rule of “reduce, reuse and recycle.” However, there are still some glaring offenses when it comes to our consumer buying habits. It is my goal to have my students do three things: (1) truly think about the effects of what they wear/buy to our environment, (2) research some possible solutions to some of the offending habits, and (3) change their buying behavior in future purchases so that they can truly make a difference in helping to make some positive changes for the environment. This curriculum unit will serve primarily as a “wrap up activity” and will be a major project that will take approximately one week of class time to complete.