Weather Starts with the Sun

Nicole Ann Fraser, Elementary teacher, Davidson Elementary School

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Teaching weather over the course of 9 weeks in depth seems daunting. If you are looking for a way to spice things up, this unit is for you. Earth is part of a larger picture; it is one of 8 planets in our solar system. All the planets have a relationship with the Sun which dictates weather.

Almost all aspects of weather on Earth relate back to how our planet interacts with the Sun. Exploring the weather and characteristics of other planets in our solar system can make abstract weather concepts more tangible as students begin to notice connections between the Sun and the weather conditions of the planet. The conditions included in this unit are insolation, atmosphere, and prevailing winds. It also includes information on the Sun and weather on other planets. This unit includes interactive strategies and activities that require student involvement and inquiry. The strategies included in the unit may be used with any science unit, and explain techniques to keep your students engaged. The activities are inquiry based that relate specifically to topics of weather.