Mathematical Mysteries of Space

Miesha Brayboy Gadsden, Elementary teacher, Lansdowne Elementary School

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Are you ready to uncover the mystifying mysteries of space? This unit will explore frequent questions students have relating to outer space with a twist of math. Why does the moon change shape? How are craters made? Why are some stars different colors?

This unit is designed for 3rd grade students but can be adapted to fit grades 2-5 as well. Included in this unit are several activities to enrich the learning and curiosity of all learners. Students will use science concepts relating to the moon, sun and stars to connect with mathematical concepts of place value and problem solving. Students will discover how craters are formed on the moon, classify and compare the number of moons from each planet and keep a Moon Journal to record their observations each night. Students will have opportunities to work and reflect individually as well as discuss ideas and new knowledge in cooperative groups. This unit will not only help students become more confident with math, but help them build an understanding that math is all around us—-even in space!