Understanding That We Are One

Monika Demecs, ESL, Cochrane Middle School

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This curriculum unit is intended to raise awareness to the different aspects and issues of tolerance. Through learning about racial, religious, ethnic and linguistic bias students will realize how dangerous it is to focus on our differences as dividers instead of accepting them for what they are, a beautiful variety.


The movies, books, articles and video recordings used in the unit will deepen their understanding of how they can accept new, unfamiliar ideas and people without judging them. Using various strategies students will not only gain an insight in the observed topics, but improve their reading and writing skills as well.

During the discussions students will be actively working on their critical thinking, communication and problem solving skills. Their creativity, innovative skills, ability to cooperate and collaborate will be needed to work out a plan for a schoolwide project to promote tolerance. My hope is that after finishing the unit my students will understand that we are all responsible for each other and become advocates for respecting diversity, will be modelling appropriate behavior, stop acts of discrimination when present and make other students aware of how their words, actions and attitude impact their environment and their own lives.