Media’s Influence on the Interactions and Relationships Involving Young Adults

LaKierra DeShaun Booth, Language Arts, Randolph Middle School

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In an age of increased global mass media, adolescents are more than ever accessing media as a means of communication, entertainment and information. The internet, music, television, magazine, and motion picture industries all offer their own advice on how to dress, speak and behave to non-discriminating adolescents. Whether the role of the media is positive or negative, its impact and influence on young people cannot be ignored. The influence of the media on adolescent males and females is not only witnessed on a national level, but also locally. While the media is a valuable information source, not all media are equal in their contribution to adolescent intellectual development.


Media also has a significant impact on adolescent social and moral development. Many experts argue that teens are heavily influence by peers. However, media is equally as powerful as peers in its ability to mold the minds and social development of teens. Today’s youths are exposed to violence and words conveying hate and derogatory comments towards women through various media outlets, such as movies, video games and radio. Within this unit I will have students find the affect and impact of media’s influence on their interactions and relationships with their peers and adults as well as the manner in which they view themselves.