The Human Race: Ready, Set, Go!

Christopher Shaffer, Elementary Teacher, Berewick Elementary School

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This is not a curriculum unit based only on meeting state content standards. It is not about getting your students to score the highest in the county on standardized tests. Instead it is about creating successful, positive citizens for the future of our ever-changing world. The curriculum unit is applicable to any classroom teacher grades kindergarten to first. The unit, its texts, as well as some of the activities can easily be differentiated to meet grades second to third. You will simply have to tweak some of the content to make it slightly more complicated for upper grades.


For you to successfully teach this unit you will have to use some specific books mentioned throughout. They are very popular texts and should be able to be located at your local library. Other than that the materials used are all quite common classroom supplies, so there is no need to invest in many different manipulatives and materials making it accessible to all classroom teachers immediately. Throughout this curriculum unit, there will be many opportunities to teach true content standards that will meet specific educational goals, but this curriculum unit is created to truly make a difference in your classroom environment and teachyour students that they are more similar than different.