From Republic to Empire: Law, Justice and Crime

Christina Padgett Sell, World History, East Mecklenburg High School

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One of the many important themes that are part of the World History curriculum is the importance of the development of organized government. It is necessary for students to know the origins of the United States government because of the influence it will have on them as citizens of a continuously changing society. My main goal of this entire unit is for students to be aware of the influence ancient Rome has had on the development of the United States, and to recognize the many similarities between the two societies.


This unit is primarily activity and discussion based which will allow for students to think past simple comparisons and force them to truly analyze the impact ancient Rome has had on their own lives. As you read through the unit, you will discover a variety activities intended to reach learners of all ability levels and learning styles in order to successfully educate students. This unit also allows for students to learn about inequality that occurs within both ancient Roman and contemporary United States society. This unit especially focuses on injustices many people face within both societies due to socio-economic status. Students will also evaluate the role that government plays in either helping or hindering those in society who are either the minority or treated as lesser due to other identifying characteristics such as gender.