Light, Color and the World Around Us!

Brian Donald Coons, Science teacher, Barringer Academic Center




My unit is entitled “Light, Color and the World around Us.” It is with both light and color in mind that I began to considered their relationship to the 3rd grade curriculum standards in science in “Objects in the Sky” when I wrote this unit plan. Taking into consideration the 3rd grade learning goals, my seminar research allowed me to cover most of the North Carolina learning objectives in ways that will be enjoyable, imaginative, and important to my students’ learning.

In my unit spanning two quarters, I will be able to share my love of both space and plant growth with all my students in a way that will help to enrich the instruction in both NC Standard Course of Study units and use light and color as a backbone. In my personal unit, I will focus on teaching my third graders about the basic principles of light as they relate to reflection, refraction, absorption, transmission and scattering. I will cover the colors that make up the visible spectrum, and discuss basic principles of light and color as they relate to plant photosynthesis and to objects in the sky, through a variety grade appropriate learning activities.