Trichology: I Love My Hair

Regina Dula, Biology, Cochrane Collegiate Academy

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


Since the beginning of human existence, our hair has been a source of intricacy and endearment. Their designs have been symbols of status, activism, and individuality. The use of wigs dates back to ancient Egypt. Before enduring the middle passage, women braided grains of rice in
their hair for sustenance. During reconstruction, women adorned tresses with feathers and fabric as a demonstration of status and individuality. Today, the debate continues concerning hair design in social and professional settings. Scholars are bombarded with opinions in and out of
school concerning acceptance of their hair choices. Making connections to content and our everyday lives sparks interest and lifelong learning opportunities. As major consumers of the natural and synthetic hair industry, inclusive agency is imperative. Scientific representation in
hair science should be as diverse as our global hair textures and designs. Trichology is the scientific discipline that relates to the study and research of hair. The following curriculum will provide learners with activities that provide biological and chemical connections to trichology.