The Impact of Stress on Teen Health and Coping Mechanisms for Positive Handling of Stress in Teen Lives

Lee-Ann Mohr, English, Hough High School

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


This curriculum unit will make a significant contribution to adolescent
understanding of stress, the health implications of prolonged exposure to stress while providing insights into their own stressors. It will allow students to understand the different kinds of stress, both acute and chronic. Students will also take inventory of the stressors in their own life, and how best to manage this stress. In this unit, students will reflect on
stressors in their own lives and learn about the challenges that prolonged stress presents to their mental and physical health. Students will learn to prioritize their mental health in a way that encourages them to thrive at the same time. This unit will serve as an early intervention for teens to develop positive habits for handling stress as they move into adulthood.