The Foundations of American Government: Natural Rights: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Naturalness, 1st Amendment is Everyone’s Right

Lynn Roach, Social Studies, West Charlotte High School

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


This curriculum unit will examine, explore, analyze then synthesize how Founding Fathers were influenced by the Enlightenment Thinkers and the foundational concepts of 1st Amendment rights of the US Constitution per the section of petitioning the government and expression. The essential questions that scholars will need to answer are as follows: Why did the Founding Fathers insist on a Bill of Rights to the Constitution? When is it justifiable to protest and petition the government? Which 1st Amendment right is more effective in bringing about change, petitioning or protesting? Scholars will examine the process that the Patriot colonial leaders followed under King George and the English Parliament when they believed they were being governed unfairly. Scholars will explore their reasoning for creating a Bill of Rights. Scholars will make connection to current issues of discrimination in the workplace, schools, sports and media based on a person’s hair style. Scholars will analyze cases both past and present where 1st Amendment rights such as petitioning and protesting the government have brought about successful and unsuccessful results. This CTI unit aligns with the North Carolina standards for Civics.