The Building Blocks of Peace: An Examination of the Legislative Process and the Foundational Documents of the United States of America Past and Present

Vita Borjas, History, West Charlotte High School

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


Within this unit students will explore the process of creating peace through
legislation by examining the history of large-scale government establishment and large-scale government transformation through the creation of and changes made to the U.S. government after The Revolutionary War. Throughout the unit the actual mention of the word “peace” will be used sparingly, with the idea that peace can be created without the word being focused on, given its often ideological connotation that tends to stump students. Instead, the peacemaking process itself is examined through the history of the initial pieces of legislation from the U.S. and emphasis is placed on the legislative process that was implemented for the writing and approval of the original Articles of Confederation, the
process of actually implementing The Articles of Confederation into American society, and then the complete overhaul of The Articles of Confederation for successful implementation of the current U.S. Constitution despite fierce political division among the young nation at
the time. Students will be examining the causes of extreme political and governmental tensions that were present as the United States was in its infancy, comparing and expanding upon official legislation, and will also be implementing the federal system of checks and balances through a class-wide replication of the federal process of amending the Constitution.