Social & Emotional Teaching: Mindfully Modeling How to Put on Your Own (Non-Medical Grade Disposable) Mask First

Ann Tapia, 6th Grade, Piedmont Open IB Middle School

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


Passionate teachers are aware that their own mental health and well-being influences the work they do in the classroom. Students thrive when they are given good resources and witness great role models—it follows that if the health and safety of students is paramount, then teachers must make sure they have addressed their own stress as well to create a nurturing
environment for their students. While teachers are expected to have intrinsic knowledge of this nurturing role, explicitly valuing their contributions and giving them the tools and resources to succeed will go a long way toward taking a direct path toward improving relationships across the board. This unit aims to give an overview of how stress impacts an individual, then gives concrete examples of how to combat the endless barrage of stressors that educators face every day in order to combat burnout and care for their overall health.