Extra, Extra, read all about it! Children Advocating for Freedom and Equality in Mississippi and Honduras

Wendy Tolbert, 2nd Grade, Starmount Academy of Excellence

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


In this unit, students will discover how children in America’s South and children in Honduras advocate for freedom and equality. First, students will start by exploring what is fair and unfair treatment with an anticipation set. They will explore “I wonder” questions and “I notice” statements based on this activity. Next, students will analyze The Song of the Trees (1) characters as well as their character traits, setting, problem, solution, and the story’s central message. What is most important for students to understand is how the main character with the help of her family solved a major issue of theft, disrespect, oppression, and inequality. Then, students will do the same thing for the Good Garden, How One Family Went from Hunger to Having Enough (2). In this book, the main character must solve the problem of hunger, oppression, and inequality. The main character’s teacher, community, and family have developed some independence from the one character who is the oppressor called the Coyote (overseer).
After that, students will compare both story’s character traits and the central message. Finally, students will use Flipgrid to discuss how they would advocate for an issue. Then students respond to each other on the board.