The Secrets Beneath Us

Judy Duren, Math, Mallard Creek High

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


This curriculum unit will integrate various North Carolina Essential Standards from Science, History and Economics. The objective of this curriculum unit will focus on students’ understanding of the economic impact of Brownfields in Mecklenburg County, as well as how we contribute to environmental quality. Students will be introduced to research procedures on brownfields in their community. In addition, students will explore the contaminants of their chosen property and explore the health ramifications of a brownfield in their community. Students will be introduced to lessons and activities that explore how humans have contributed to the conditions of our waterways. In Module 1, students will gain the necessary vocabulary and access to utilizing an interactive map for research. Module 2 will focus on potential reasons the property became contaminated, explore how humans have contributed to brownfields and how humans can affect the future of restoration and sustainability. In Module 3, students will examine the economic effect of the property by creating a sustainable practice poster. The lessons can be extended to engage and illustrate urban stream syndrome near brownfield sites. Students will use an interactive map, journal conclusions and explore real-world examples. Finally, a field trip to the Mecklenburg County Assessor’s office will enhance their understanding of the brownfield property exclusion and processes.