The Civil Rights Movement, Black Lives Matter, and anti-racism: Dismantling Systems of Oppression

Andrew Bartkowiak, Social Studies, Northwest School of the Arts

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


This Curriculum Unit (CU) aims to inform students about what it means to be antiracist based on a definition of responsible citizenship.. Using an analysis of actions pursued by both the Civil Rights Movement and the Black Lives Matter Movements, students will be able to construct informed course of action to deconstruct systems of oppression in America today. Students will begin the CU by defining citizenship in America, hypothesizing how being a good citizen can be tied to pursuing an anti-antiracist agenda, while self-assessing where they are individually on an anti-antiracist continuum. Students will then examine individuals and groups that pursued anti-antiracist agendas in the past, with a specific focus on the Civil Rights Movement and the Black Lives Matter Movement, with a culminating activity involving an analysis of how students can use the lessons from these movements to plan a course of action to minimize systemic Racism in America now and in the future