Neon & Luminescence: The Illuminated Meme

Scherrie DeBord, Art, Olympic High

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


The intention of this unit is to build lessons that teach about unconventional art materials, how that can inspire an art movement and express creativity. This unit approaches the concept of luminescence, Memetics and illumination of words using light to highlight words. It covers the history of Luminism, artists like Dan Flavin and other artists from the 60’s. It also uses the history of luminescent bulbs and investigates the scientific value of light, lights significance as art and its contribution to the art world. Students will learn how artists approach text in their art and evaluate how words affects us. This unit is broken down in three sections, pairing certain components from art history with foundation skills. The sections are broken down based on the information presented to students, History, Investigation and then Application. Students will make one research related assignment using Critical Analysis as well as two other art assignments. One art assignment will represent making a meme design the other will approach making a mock version of neon expressing a memetic statement showing what they learned from the meme assignment. Understanding concept, material and influence becomes a way of connecting scientific fact, art history and art media together. This unit is a map for you to enrich your lessons with information and ideas on how to address the variety of content within it.