Charlotte’s Contribution to World War I

Stephanie Kelly, Social Studies, Harding University High

Curriculum Unit (PDF)


Students of history will explore the various contributions and impacts the city of Charlotte made towards World War I. This inquiry based unit is based around the question of “What is Camp Greene’s impact and contribution towards World War I and the development of Charlotte?” Using variety of primary and secondary sources students will study how World War I started and ended as well as what was the local influence on the war. Students will look at both the political, economic and social and cultural impacts of World War I not only on the United States but on the world and particularly North Carolina. This unit will help teacher who are trying to find a way to tie local history into their standardized history curriculum. This unit will also help students see how their local history fits in with the larger historical framework. In the case of this unit, students will see how the creation and dismantlement of Camp Greene Army Camp in Charlotte North Carolina fits in with the story of World War I.