Using Shapes as a Tool to Develop Kindergarten Writing Skills

Pilar Cuervo Cerezo, Kindergarten, Charlotte East Language Academy

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This curriculum unit integrates Spanish and Math. Its primary purpose is to promote writing in mathematics through the use of geometric shapes in kindergarten. This curriculum unit will contribute to developing student’s confidence in their second language (L2), which is Spanish. This unit emphasizes the appropriate use of academic vocabulary and suggests creating a Math Word Wall. Students will learn and apply academic vocabulary when discussing and writing an informative text. This unit favors logical thinking through the use of graphic organizers. Students will compare and contrast shapes by using a Venn Diagram. The Venn Diagram will be a visual reference for a discussion. Students will be able to communicate mathematical ideas after analyzing similarities and differences between shapes. This unit will provide hands-on activities to engage students, encourage their curiosity, and set up significant prior knowledge before writing. By providing a variety of activities, this unit encourages students to show their learning in different ways. This unit presents the content in different ways including: reading, songs, and experiments. In this unit, continual assessment takes place and gives students different choices based on their interests and prior knowledge.