Teresa Strohl, 5th Grade, Elon Park Elementary

Curriculum Unit (pdf)


This unit will integrate National standards NC Essential standards from Visual Arts and Science. This curriculum unit will focus on students observing their surroundings by making maps of their own classroom, school, and city. This unit will give students the tools to observe and make their own small changes to their immediate environment. In the classroom, I will discuss climate change, the effect of climate change on our land, and how students can take part in changing the climate in the future. I will introduce students to three landscape artists/explorers from the Hudson River School movement, Thomas Moran, Frederic Church and Albert Bierstadt. Students will compare & contrast the paintings from these artists to what photos look like today from the same area. Students will paint their own surroundings to create their own landscape similar to what landscape artists of our history did. Some of the other activities in this unit will be “Map It,” in which students will create a series of map paintings, “Observation Journaling,” which illustrates note taking, to make concepts easier to learn. The journals will document the student’s surroundings while observing their own environment. My hope with this unit is that students will cultivate their sense of affection for the environment and mobilize students to change the future.